One more year gone by. It seems like it was yesterday when I was celebrating the first anniversary of this blog. But that's what happens when we enjoy the things we do, time just seems to fly. When I look back at my older posts I realize how much I have learned, and I look forward to learning so much more.

This was also the year of the number 2 here. Blog stats indicate that many numbers achieved start with 2:

2 years old
20+ photos published on Foodgawker (this one was the most difficult to achieve!)
200+ followers
200+ posts published
2,000+ comments published
200,000+ page views

Once again, numerology must have an answer for that, but the true responsible for these numbers are my dear readers who come for a visit, who encourage me, and make this new hobby of mine a great pleasure. I greatly appreciate it, and thank you all for stopping by, for leaving your lovely comments, and for being my new friends.

And to celebrate this date, I made one of my favorite recipes, the one that started it all on this blog, the Garlic & Olives Bread. It's still the same old recipe that has been repeated many times in my kitchen, always  pleasing whoever tries it. It even deserved a ceramic loaf pan I made in my pottery classes here in Korea (this is the second one!). These are the little (great) things that make me immensely happy and that I share with all of you. So, please help yourself :o)


  1. First of all, congratulations! Those are truly impressive numbers for your blog. The recipe is very good too. And not to take away from these achievements but I am seeing your handmade ceramic loaf pan for the first time, and I can't take my eyes off it!
    All the best for the coming year!

  2. Congratulations!! unbeliveble how theese foodblogs can give us so great satisfactions!!
    Love your bread and very nice your ceramic loaf!!

  3. Happy Bday to your blog!
    I do love it and this recipe sounds so yummy!
    Have a great day

  4. Congrats on the milestone. That looks delicious. And your ceramic dish is stunning!! Such a neat shape.

  5. Wow, that dish is really beautiful, and the breads looks absolutely delicious.

    Happy 2nd blog anniversary!Here's to many more! :)

  6. Happy blog anniversary! And wow, you are so talented, you bake bread and make your own pottery. Amazing.

  7. A huge congratulations on your Blog anniversary, Renata! And what a gorgeous, decorative bread to celebrate. Beautiful! Now onto the next 2 years! xo


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