Some time back I started seeing an awesome cookie stamp in the foodie blogosphere stating that your cookie  is homemade. I just love homemade stuff, so needless to say I loved it, huh? Well, one fine day when I visited my son in London, he gave me one of these stamps as a gift and it was amazing, because I had never mentioned anything about it. I loved my gift and now I dedicate this post to him with this delicious digestive cookie .... homemade ;o)

The stamp is a clever idea, and it is made of silicone that detaches from the base for easy cleaning. What could be better than that?

To use my new toy I chose to make delicious digestive cookies. The recipe I borrowed from 
 Mary Mary Culinary. She always cooks and bakes the most delicious things! By the way, she used the same stamp.
The veredict?
I loved them both, recipe and cookie stamp!

The recipe can be found at Mary Mary Culinary. I followed all her steps but halved the salt and used yogurt whey instead of milk.

I used chopsticks as guides to my rolling pin, so that my cookies were all the same thickness.

I stamped the dough then used a glass to cut them out.

I transfered the cookies to baking sheet lined with a silicone mat.

I baked them for 15 minutes at 180°C, but you should look every 5 minutes, until they start to get golden on the edges.

I let them cool on a wire rack.

If there is any left, you can store in an airtight container.
Mine yielded 58 cookies, but this will depend on how big you cut them and how thick you roll them.
Thanks Mary!


  1. Gorgeous! They are delicious, aren't they? I think these are one of my favourite homemade cookies, and I'm so glad you enjoyed them too. And what a thoughtful gift from your son.

  2. How wonderful! Love this stamp and the cookies look fantastic. ...Susan

  3. I cannot believe that cookie stamp - soooo cute gotta get one.

  4. Those look so yummy! And I love that stamp! I have to look for one of those for myself, I would love using it.

  5. Such a fun cookie. Now I'm going to try to find a cookie stamp.

  6. I love those Home Made cookies ;-)) How pretty!

  7. Renata I absolutely loooove your cookies! The stamp is wonderful! Yes, Mary has some great stamps!

  8. How thoughtful of your son to buy you such a personally picked out gift! I love the stamp...and so funny that you got the recipe of Mary's blog since she has a food stamping special tool too. Actually I am getting together with her this Saturday lol.

  9. Renata I love this, the stamp is nice.You made a fabulous cookies, your son made a wonderful choice of getting the stamp.

  10. I love digestive cookies! And your stamp makes them look extra special!


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